Order List Overview

The order view in Logistician 55 groups your unfulfilled line items together with their associated orders, allowing you to quickly and easily see which items are needed to fulfill a specific order, whether or not they are in stock, and if the order has been prepared for fulfillment. The order view can also be used to pick and pack items for individual orders during fulfillment stages.

Only unfulfilled items are displayed, and it is possible that there may be canceled or already-fulfilled items that are part of an order, but not in the list. 

When there are unfulfilled orders, the order view should look similar to the screenshot below:

Each order will be listed with the order number, date it was placed, and how many line items are unfulfilled. To the right of each order will be three badges that display the following information:
  • The overall number of line items
  • The number of in-stock line items
  • The number of prepared line items

The badges may change color depending on how many items are in stock or prepared. When there are some items in stock, but the in-stock quantity is less than the quantity needed, the "in stock" badge will be orange, even though it shows that no line items are in stock. This lets you know that there are at least some items available.

Generating a Pick List

To generate a pick list from specific orders, simply click the clipboard icon on the left-hand side of the order (or orders) that you would like to include in your pick list, then click the "View Pick List for Selected Orders" button that appears:

This will take you to the item list, but with a filter applied for the selected order(s). The filtered list can be printed and sorted, and additional filters can be applied.

Viewing Details

Clicking on an order will display a list of the unfulfilled line items associated with it, along with the needed, in-stock, and prepared quantities.

The quantities shown are per order, and not overall. This means that if you have 20 items in stock, but an order only needs 5, we will only show 5 "in stock". The same methodology applies to the needed and prepared quantities.

You may toggle the display of details for all orders at once by clicking the "Show Details" button in the main menu bar:


By default, the list of orders will be sorted by their order number in ascending order (lowest order number shown first); however, it can be re-sorted if needed by using the controls in the menu. 
Currently the following options are available for sorting:
  • Order Number (Ascending)
  • Order Number (Descending)
  • Fulfillment Capability (Ascending) - will display fulfillable orders first
  • Fulfillment Capability (Desceding) - will display unfulfillable orders first
  • Line Item Count (Ascending) - will display orders with the least amount of line items first
  • Line Item Count (Descending) - will display orders with the most line items first
When sorting by line item count, only the number of line items is taken into account, and not the quantities of those line items.


The order list can be filtered in the following ways:
  • Fulfillment Capability:
    • Fulfillable - will only show orders that can be completely fulfilled
    • Partially Fulfillable - will only show orders that have some items available
    • Unfulfillable - will only show orders that do not have any items available
  • Timeframe
    • Last 24 Hours - will only show orders that were placed within the last 24 hours
    • Last 48 Hours - will only show orders that were placed within the last 48 hours
    • Last 7 Days - will only show orders that were placed within the last 7 days
    • Last 14 Days - will only show orders that were placed within the last 14 days
    • Last 30 Days - will only show orders that were placed within the last 30 days

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